Green Door Auslan is a versatile and flexible training provider that conducts workshops, courses and events in Auslan, the language of the Australian Deaf community.  Auslan stands for Australian Sign Language.

Our method of teaching is to identify and build people’s strengths and to see learners become confident in the many nuances of Auslan.

​The green coloured door image visually represents how this can be achieved – ‘green’ meaning natural and ‘door’ meaning access, thus ‘Green Door’ seeks to provide natural access to language learning.

As a name, Green Door Auslan is the driver for the trainer to allow learners to gain access to Auslan as naturally as possible through a high quality and unique form of training.

As you may know TAFE and deaf services organisations offer classes in Auslan. The aim of Green Door Auslan is not to compete with them but to enhance that training by filling gaps or missing links that are not offered elsewhere including how to read finger-spelling effectively, medical signs classes for interpreters, story-telling, uses of depicting signs, signs and real meanings of the signs used, and grammar in Auslan. 

Green Door Auslan offers both face to face teaching and visual/online learning methods such as Skype. This will ensure that people in every corner of Australia can learn Auslan and use Auslan actively with the Deaf Community.  The learning is more topic based learning rather than teaching Auslan as a whole. These courses will be specialised and/or customised based on the needs of the learners.

Green Door Auslan is NDIS registered (4-3LLM-457).